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Is it possible to configure Whonix-Gatway through USB dongle?

I looked up seting on whonix gate way under conections theres a number of options. If i atatched a usb dongle woudl it show up here?

it goes withe out saying thet I would like to conect one of my vm:s to this usb dongle trough whonix gate way

I have bin readning some more on this topic including the link patric posted.

Conclusivly: If it can do it on Ubuntu (my host operatingsystem) it can be done in whonix, right?

In that case its just as good to install the wifi adapter directly on whonix gateway. And pereferably use a seperate gateway fort this.

This comes up in the thread linked to how ever:

“The VirtualBox Bridged Networking Driver has to be diabeld”. whether or not its relavat is not confirmed. Perhas seperate gateway will fix this? Or is its simply irellevant?

Any way as mentions abow my obective is to have two whonixgateways conected to seperate networkadapters. “whonixgateway 2” I would like to conect one exclusive vm (not a whonix worksation).

I can fix parts of this (Perhaps its usfull to some one else):

First “Multiple Whonix-Gateway” is is dealt with in depth under a topic with the same name. Conect other operatings sytem trough whonix gateway is also not a problem and is explaind on youtube under this topic (works withe any regular operatingsystem): Stay anonymous online with Kali linux + Whonix Gateway.

I hope Im right in that its just as easy to install the netwokadaper on a seperate whonixgateway as it is to install it on Ubuntu hoste. And that a seperat operatingsystem can easly can be directed to trough this new gateway. It would be nice of some one would tell me if thats right?

Next step is to find a network adapter that works withe Ubuntu\Whonix. Its worth mentioning that this issue is brought up with at “addictivetips” under a topic named:“Best USB WiFi Adapters for Linux (Review) in 2020”

One interesting thing comes up in the article that might make this way easier for some people. Namely an adapter caled: Panda “300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter”. Apparently this adapter can run on Ubuntu with out any driver. I so pose this implies that it will not have to be installed on whonix gateway but will simply appear as a contention option in whonix gate way just as usb do?

Disregardles Im planing using a TP link device (similar on the the one the article) because its" what I can get .

Currently im looking for a wifi adapter that can work in Ubuntu and hence in whonix gateway I will come back on this.

In the meantime it would be nice if some one could confirm my conclusions and presumptions abow.

In theory, yes. There are no No Intentional User Freedom Restrictions



In practice, it’s undocumented.

If its possible to install drivers (Ubuntu drivers) how come its not sure it will work if the same setup works on Ubuntu? Is it the by passing of host that might make it more complex? I guse one could try to connect an Ubuntu VM directly to host as well. Whats the experience with that?

What are you’re thoughts on the adapter that according to the article docent require drivers at al by the way?

So no one even developers have tried this out? I guess its a lot of stuff that can be tested but this (separate adapters and gateways) would be of grate use to me and others.

It would be interesting to try it out once I find an adapter that works on Ubuntu I will.

Any way the direct connection (bypassing host) to a separate whonix gate way is the optimal solution how ever if necessary I can settle for installing the second adapter on host and even settle for one gateway in necessary.

I wounder what the second option would that mean? Once adapter 2 is installed whats necessary to connect to it? I know whonix connects to host by default but the second adapter is also installed on host and hence I presume it will be just as easy to connect to that one? An hence if I use two separate gateways can I connect them to the two separate adapters from with in in the respective gateway?

Or will switching between adapters (irregardless of using one or two gateways )require some other method than simply changing the contention in whonix gateway? Perhaps some seating in the Virualbox have to be changed? I presume its possible to connect to the second adapter given that its connected to host?

If necessary Im happy to change settings in virtaulbox very time in order to be abel to switch between the two adapters. If the other options is not possible that is.

I got a wifi adapter that works by default withe all Linux distributions. Its easy to connect to it in Linx VM simply add gused addition. And the usb shows up and can be added in the operating system and next it simply appeaser as a network option.

First part works in whonix as as well. Just fallow Debain instructions. Only gused addition have to be inserted as a disk image in the storage from virtualbox. Or that how I manged any way.

After this usb can be enabled I dident know it it was recognised the usb as a wifi adapter. Then I typed: “ip link show”

And there it aperaes as a wifi adapter. It looks like this:

4: wlan0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000

The difference in whonix gateway compared to other Linux distributions in a VM is that theres not posiblel to select network in the interface.

I wounder if this ca be fixt in comand line? I looked in different Debian instructions but dident find any usfull info.

By the way an other wifi adapter that dosent work by default in linux will not show up when typing

ip link show. So I gues it realy recognize the adapter as network.

This gives me hope that the network adapter simply can be selected trough comad line. Dosen any one know how? Or possibly how its done on Debian?