Internet accees for executables

Can someone explain to me, how executables get internet access in whonix?

In particular I have a whonix ws qube, where internet access for preinstalled executables like the browser or the monero wallet works just fine. However when I execute an AppImage like the clorio mina wallet (CAN’T POST LINKS) it has no internet access.

My assumption is that internet access is blocket by default for executables. Is that correct? That would make sense, at least. However I’m not aware of how to grand the access then.

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No special steps required.

Absolutely incorrect. If that was the case, it would be documented and easily known. Opposite is documented here: Tor Network / Torification

I am a developer of Whonix and this is a rare case where I can speak with absolute certainty.

Quite likely application specific. I recommend to try some other application first to convince yourself of that.

Ok, in that case I’m talking about the AppImage you can download from here https://github.com/nerdvibe/clorio-client/releases/tag/v1.0.0

As usual linux AppImages don’t need installation, just the “executable” permission.

So in order to replicate my problm:

1.) Have whonix ws qube runing on qubes os latest
2.) Download the AppImage version from https://github.com/nerdvibe/clorio-client/releases/tag/v1.0.0
3.) Give execution right to that file
4.) Execute the file

Behaviour: That process has no access to the internet

Documentation Tor Network / Torification applies.

Application is probably using UDP or ICMP. Or the servers which it is interacting with are blocking Tor.

Whonix doesn’t do anything special to single out that application. Whonix makes sure that applications are reliably routed through the Tor network but cannot troubleshoot all the follow-up issues.

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