Integration With Parrot?

As I am sure the Whonix devs know, Parrot has a Tor “Anon Surf” mode, and many hardening features such as Apparmor/Firejail/etc… for many applications… like Whonix. So you both seem like very complimentary projects that stand to benefit one another if some type of integration could be worked out.

Thus I was interested when I saw this post, from a Parrot developer, that suggested you both may one day have some “jam session” to work on integration between both technologies. Does anyone have any more information on what that may look like in the future? Thanks.

We are collaborating on auto firejailing prgrams but as far as integrating two distros together don’t hold your breath. Our packages are readily usable in other projects, but coordinating two different views and missions under a single umbrealla is not possible.


Parrot’s Anon Surf is just a bash script that creates a transparent proxy. Whonix uses a much more leak-proof method.

Whonix uses Apparmor and may also use Firejail in the future. Apart from Apparmor and Firejail, Parrot doesn’t have much more hardening.


Thank you.

We are collaborating on auto firejailing prgrams

Are there any extra protections against IP leaking that firejailing provides that are not present in Whonix? Or is this extra technology to provide benefits from sandboxing beyond IP protection?