Integrate Anbox into Whonix-Workstation

There’s always decompiling, changing the behavior and compiling back

So, finally, I’m going to combine using Anbox inside Whonix-Workstation and Android x86 Workstation.

Android x86 provide some extra features that Anbox does not provide. In general, advantages and disadvantages of Anbox and Android x86 Workstation are the following.

Anbox. Advantages:

  • No emulation needed, run Android apps in a native Whonix Workstation environment
  • Android apps run faster
  • You can use adb easily to install/remove apps and to push/pull files from/to Anbox environment
  • Anbox doesn’t provide virtual Wi-Fi (wlan) interface so some apps won’t see the Internet connection.
  • Anbox doesn’t have any type of bootloader and ramdisk so you won’t be able to install Magisk or some kind of recovery which is probably needed to do some operations like hide root from apps (Magisk Hide) and so on

These two disadvantages are very critical.

So, Android x86 Workstation advantages are the following:

  • Full Android stack implemented as Android x86 is a full OS which requires hardware virtualization (not as Anbox)
  • Android x86 provides virtual Wi-Fi interface (wlan0) so apps think that a real Wi-Fi connection is established (Anbox uses bridge network interface)
  • You can install any version of Android from 4.x to 9.x (Anbox provides only Nougat)
  • You CAN use Magisk to achieve root permissions and hide root from apps on Android x86 as some geeks succeeded to install it on Android x86 !!!
  • Less secure (may be) as you don’t work with Whonix-Workstation (but I could solve 7-year issue with static IP connection on Android x86 Workstation)
  • Slower speed as Android x86 doesn’t provide any type of Guest Additions so no graphic card drivers are supported
  • You cannot use adb because no connection between Whonix Workstation and Android x86 established (but may be you can run ssh-server on Whonix-Workstation and connect your Android x86 through Termux or something like that)

Great work @helpmeplzz. Consider pasting this info on our wiki (don’t worry about formatting for now) s it can help others.

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