installing whonix external encrypted medium

Following the Whonix wiki I installed whonix in my home directory. Now what I want is to install Whonix in an external encrypted (truecrypt) ssd. I mean not only the .qcow2 images, but the whole of the installation (including the .xml files). If I download the Whonix*.libvirt.xz to this external drive, and take the wiki instructions for installation from there, will that work?
Secondly, if that alternative installation works, how can I remove my initial installation from my homedirectory?

You’d need to change the image file paths in the xml. However VM properties are stored elsewhere and I am not sure you can change that.

Sure as long as you moved the images or made copies in the alternative location, you can safely delete those.

yes got it. Running the VM from a live buster version now. Works alright

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