Installing Software from the repo in Qubes-Whonix Workstations

I noticed the Install Software Wiki page has no real mention of Qubes-specific instructions for installing software. It seems that the TemplateVM <> AppVM structure may not be immediately apparent to a new user, or a user coming over from KVM or VBox.

One could possibly understand through reading the Update instructions for Qubes-Whonix that there is a reason that apt* commands are done in the Template(s) rather than in the AppVM directly. I have just installed the Whonix Templates to play with on R3, but I assume that the Debian template model is the same as the Qubes native Fedora model, since these are not HVMs.

I just wanted to clarify that my understanding of the additional software installation model is correct (installing in the ws TemplateVM) and not somehow different in Whonix, and to ask what the best way to address this might be in the docs? Perhaps I’m being too dense for the intended Whonix userbase?

A Qubes specific info box making it in the TemplateVM when intended to
be persistent makes sense.

You can copy/paste the wiki markup for the infobox here:

I made an edit to Install Additional Software Safely with a small infobox about Qubes-Whonix under the Easy section. I tried to make it as brief as possible, hopefully a wiki editor can check it out, make any needed changes and push it to the website.

Looks good. Thanks!