Installing OnionShare issue [closed]


Hi @

I am trying to install onionshare on my Whonix 14 Workstation.

I read the documentation but unfortunately I always get the bellow error while starting to share some files :


Here are my settings :

I also added the line

EXTERNAL_OPEN_PORTS+=" $(seq 17600 17659) "

into the Firewall Settings using the command line.

Test Connection to Tor results give the output :


Is onionshare not supported on Debian Stretch or am I wrong somewhere by installing it ?

Please do not blame me if I should go elsewhere to get some support.

Thank you for your great help.`


Hi Cottonwoodhill

Not sure. Try to find this error with your search engine.

Stretch is supported.


Under “Tor authentication options” choose “No authentication, or cookie authentication”.

So that is why you have?

Supports client authentication : False


Hi 0brand

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t find out how to solve the issue :frowning:

My configuration is as described on the Wiki.

So that is why you have?

Yes : Supports client authentication : False

Do you think this is related to the message I have while trying to upload files as shown on my first message ?


Thank you… :relaxed:

EDIT : I also posted the question on Github


My fault sorry guys.

I extended the onion-grater whitelist in Whonix-Workstation instead of the Whonix-Gateway…

@admins : please feel free to delete this thread.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Edit : Moved topic to recycle bin