Installed Whonix Version

How can I find out the version of the installed Whonix system?

cat /etc/whonix_version

I know. This is the major version. The minor versions are missing.

Don’t know how to find it.
But perhaps it isn’t marked on a file because:

  • point releases are for users to download and install whonix with the new software already installed
  • notify the users about what has changed
  • for current users to simply update the packages with apt

Debian does not show minor releases also.
cat /etc/os-release

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Doesn’t exist.

The minor versions are shown with:

systemcheck --verbose --function show_versions

Doesn’t really show

What does it show?

user@host:~$ systemcheck --verbose --function show_versions
[INFO] [systemcheck] Whonix build version: 3:8.1-1
[INFO] [systemcheck] whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies-cli: 22.6-1
[INFO] [systemcheck] derivative_major_release_version /etc/whonix_version: 16
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