Installed for first time have questions

Hello all!

First off I have read the wiki. I am not trying to be one of those people asking a question that has been asked 10000000000 times and can be answered by a 10 seconds search. Having said that I cannot find the answers I am looking for. I am a mega paranoid person so if something is remotely off I go into full panic mode. First off, is this what it’s supposed to look like:

^^^screen shot of my desktop

I am just confused because it’s not what I expected. Why is the gateway and the workstation look so similar like any regular OS?

And the reason I am having paranoia is because I watched this video on this site

His workstation asked for user name and password. Mine did not. Is this normal? I am just making sure I did not get a man in the middle attack.

Next, do you need to run the sudo apt-get update in BOTH the workstation AND gateway or just 1? And if so which one?

Lastly, does Whonix have a fail safe feature where it will not work without the gateway? Like let’s say I get home drunk and I forget to turn on the gateway and I just run the workstation and don’t want Kim Jon UN to know what I am doing online…will Whonix still run or will it let me know that gateway is not active?

Thank you

EDIT: Oh I am running this from a VM from a Linux Mint 18.1 OS. Is this good, bad or whatever?

Everything looks as expected, the video is from a very old Whonix version.

You should update both gateway and workstation.

Workstation needs gateway, otherwise it will not connect. whonixcheck will likely tell you that if you try

I am just making sure I did not get a man in the middle attack

Have you verified the VM images using the OpenPGP signature?

Additionally you can use the onion address for downloading which should prevent any man-in-the-middle-attack: http://download.kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion/linux/


Yes, Whonix fails closed. Meaning, without gateway, no connection will be possible. This is because the workstation only has an virtual internal lan connection to the gateway and if there is no gateway, it cannot connect anywhere.

Please read this Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ.