Install Wickrme on Whonix

Hello there !

I was trying to install wickrme on whonix for some time now

What i do :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install vlc
sudo apt update
sudo snap install wickrme

And what i get :frowning:
snap install “wickrme” not found"

Do people still manage to install wickr on whonix 16? Thank you in advance for your precious help

Confirmed - but it should be available according to this:

This page also shows it installed on recent OS like Debian 11:

Might be a temporary website issue? You could always do an unsafe download here:


Followed by “snap install wickrme”.

(Unrecommended - you’d be better off raising this issue in the snapcraft.io forum: https://forum.snapcraft.io/)

Also note that Amazon has acquired wickrme. On that basis alone I wouldn’t trust it - far better alternatives are available - see the Chat section of the wiki.

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