Install Debian fasttrack-archive-keyring / enable Debian fasttrack repository by default?

Installation of fasttrack-archive-keyring by default would simplify enabling the Debian fasttrack repository.

Enabling the Debian fasttrack repository is out of scope for this forum discussion.


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Why not? it is a trusted repo maintained by Debian and it could make life easier on those who need to use it. Go for it IMO.

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kicksecure-meta-packages/control at master · Kicksecure/kicksecure-meta-packages · GitHub at time of writing:

Package: kicksecure-dependencies-cli
Depends: init,
 bzip2, file, lsof, most, pciutils, strace, sysfsutils, procps,
 less, haveged, jitterentropy-rngd, locales, e2fsprogs,
 apt-transport-tor, apt-transport-https, ca-certificates,
 sdwdate, bootclockrandomization, timesanitycheck,
 busybox, dialog,
 bash-completion, zsh, nano, wget, dnsutils, iputils-ping,
 apparmor-utils, apparmor-profile-dist,
 udisks2, libblockdev-crypto2,
 secure-delete, sudo, net-tools,
 usability-misc, menu, man-db, open-link-confirmation,
 hardened-malloc | dummy-dependency,
Package: kicksecure-recommended-cli
Depends: fasttrack-archive-keyring, obfs4proxy,

Now a lot packages from kicksecure-dependencies-cli could be moved to kicksecure-recommended-cli. For a lot packages it’s hard to reason if it’s should be considered a “dependency” or just “recommended”.

Due to the general Debian technical issues and following from that usability issues described on Debian Packages - Whonix probably very few people can take advantage of such a package split anyhow.

fasttrack repository was enabled by default since Whonix 16.

They have an onion.
not listed on but redirects me to the onion.

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Confirmed. That’s the Onion-Location HTTP header.