(initramfs)error during Whonix Workstation boot

Sorry for copying and paste the same topic from Support forum section. Just want to get help as soon as possible.

Hi my friends, recently I faced very strange
boot error, in process of whonix workstation boot, at the point
[6.875383] usbhid: USB HID core drive I get a very strange message -
initramfs. I use the Virtual box, and my version of Whonix is, I’ve updated it few times after the release date and
actually not pretty sure about the true version.

So anyway, my system is encrypted and I just don’t know how to fix that problem? Anyone can help me please?

Or, if it’s not possible to solve is there any way I can get my files back from this VM and place them into main system?

One topic is enough. Closing this one.

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