infect Host PC from a windows pc

I have downloaded Whonix from an internet cafe.
The computer into the internet cafe had Windows 7 OS.
Now my question is: Let’s assume that the internet cafe pc had a malware… when i have downloaded whonix into my USB and then after i have plugged the usb into my Linux pc, do i have contracted the malware too?
I am not sure if the internet cafe pc had a malware, but i am wondering what would be happen if it had it and then i’d plugged the usb into my linux pc…the malware could attakk my linux pc?

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not very likely. There only exists a hand full of malicious programs, able to replicate themselves from Windows to a Linux system and still be functional. What can happen though is that the cafe, for one reason or another, has (intentionally or unintentionally) corrupted the Whonix images, which is why you should always verify it.

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true as Ego have mentioned , but if u r very paranoid u can use anti-virus on ur host for example ClamAV