In VBox: Kali Linux running on Whonix Gateway not happening


Opening Whonix Gateway first (Adapter 1: NAT, Adapter 2: Internal Network - Whonix) and then Kali Linux 2019.1 (Adapter 1: Internal Network - Whonix), I lose all connection to the internet. Is this a KL problem or a Whonix one?

Without Whonix running, KL connects just fine (Network > Adapter 1 > NAT).

Any help appreciated.


Hi 4969

Did you follow https://whonix.org/wiki/Other_Operating_Systems#Whonix-GNU.2FLinux-Workstation?


Yes, I followed those instructions for a non-Qubes Whonix and assumed that by “Custom Workstation” they meant Kali Linux. Unfortunately, no luck.


Hi 4969

Is Whonix-Gateway connecting to Tor? Arm Tor controller can be used to check. If Whonix-Gateway is connecting, will the default Whonix-Workstation connect?


Whonix Workstation is definitely connected to tor. When I run “# curl icanhazip.com” I get an IP address that is different from the one I get when Whonix is not running.