In log files: "Domain id=2 is tainted: host-cpu" --- Serious problem?

In my log files for both the gateway and workstation, located here on my host:


Every time I boot the machines, these warning messages appear in the logs:

Domain id=2 is tainted: host-cpu

Happens for both gateway and workstation. They both still boot and everything appears functional. But I am wondering if there are leaks or my anonymity is compromised. Thanks for input.

Having read this from the Whonix FAQ…

It is unhelpful to ask questions in forums, issue trackers and on various mailing lists with concerns that have already been discussed, or which are known issues / false positives. In all cases, please first search thoroughly for the result that was found.

I realize this warning message from the logs probably isn’t critical, but if someone could generally point out what this message means, would be nice. I have used virt-manager to enable a shared folder - could this warning message be related to having files in that shared folder that come from host, and those have “tainted” the Whonix VMs?

Here libvirt devs explain reasons for this log message. Summary: If it works you are ok.


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Ok, thank you

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