Impossible to shut down Workstation qubes after the latest update

Whonix™ version and platform: Whonix 15, Qubes 4.0.3
Affected component(s) or functionality: Whonix-Workstation
Steps to reproduce the behavior: Have sys-whonix a Whonix-Workstation AppVM running, attempt to shut down the Whonix-Workstation using either the Qubes widget or sudo poweroff
Expected behavior: Whonix-Workstation shuts down normally
Actual behavior: Whonix-Workstation shuts down, but something immediately starts the VM again. Therefore, it is not possible to shut down the VM normally. Only if the VM is killed while shutting down, after it has completed its sdwdate time check, it does not start up again. So even this does not work for offline Workstations with no NetVM.
Context: This issue is only present since the latest package update.

Is this related to the synchronization of sdwdate-gui between sys-whonix and Whonix-Workstation(s)?
Is there a way to disable the functionality? It has already caused problems for me before, see /t/cpu-usage-fluctuations-while-whonix-workstation-is-running

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This fix is now in all Whonix repositories.

Thank you Patrick for fixing this issue and for your hard work on the Whonix project.

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