im getting this error whn im trying to open tor

ERROR: User home folder permission issue?

Failed to run the following command:

cp --verbose --recursive --no-clobber /var/cache/tb-binary/.tb/tor-browser /home/user/.tb/tor-browser

Tip: If something does not work, do not arbitrarily try to use sudo / root without indication that this would be appropriate.
That only risks messing up user home folder permissions. See:

To fix this, you could try:
Start Menu → System → Xfce Terminal

sudo chown --recursive “user”:“user” “/home/user”

Then try starting Tor Browser again.

To debug this, you could try to start Tor Browser Starter (by Whonix developers) from command line in:
Tor Browser Essentials.

See also Tor Browser Starter (by Whonix developers) Permission Issues:

I used this command but nothing happend
sudo chown --recursive “user”:“user” “/home/user”

Use the other links / commands.