Iceweasel problem

Hello there,Patrick,community !!!

Have some small problem with iceweasel,no internet connection at all,upgraded from 8.2 to 8.3,tried remove and install icew. but nothing happened.

Maybe problem because of TBB profile some error or maybe possible to create own profile for icew. (with some script or …)

I wouldn’t know how 8.2 -> 8.3 could cause any issues.

Don’t use iceweasel unless there is a good reason. You can’t easily make Tor Browser out of iceweasel. (Due to Tor Browser patches to Firefox which cannot be easily applied.)

Apart from this, why not run Whonix’s Tor Browser Updater and get a fresh Tor Browser?

If you really need iceweasel, why not try a fresh profile?

And is it really Tor Browser problem? And what does whonixcheck say on Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation?

Yes i know the TBB is the safest browser from the all existed,with patches in about:config and setting and so on.

You understand me wrong,i need second browser icew. with its own profile,for example to download from ftp:// ,bec torbrowser or server reject connection,smt like 502 or 404 (405) pop up window you know,also need iceweasel for i2p browsing,i know what im doing )),TBB is portable,so it has own profile inside right and iceweasel in whonix also have own?

I remember earlier you said that now,from about 8 version TBB and icew used one profile for both browsers,maybe i wrong smt.

This problem i have before in 8.2,also tor browser i installed manually was error with updater.
I tried to understand,where the problem is hidden,in system or browser (icew profile),tried create a new profile with command you appy,tried delete old profile,remove,install nothing worked.