I have trouble reading document about Other Operating Systems

Document: Anonymize Other Operating Systems
Part of the document:

Configure network.

For Qubes-Whonix, you do not have to configure the network.

For Non-Qubes-Whonix, click on expand on the right.

In your Custom-Workstation.

Modify Whonix Network Configuration.

If you are using Qubes-Whonix, complete the following steps:



Whonix 11: /etc/network/interfaces
Whonix 12: /etc/network/interfaces.d/30_non-qubes-whonix

If you are using a graphical Whonix-Gateway, complete the following steps:

kdesudo kate filename

If you are using a terminal-only Whonix-Gateway, complete the following steps:

sudo nano filename
I have questions. What is “Custom-Whonix”? Is it Whonix-Gateway? In which virtual machine to modify the Whonix Network Configuration? Whonix-Gateway, Whonix-Custom-Workstation, or Custom-Whonix?

This doc page is about using the standard Whonix-Gateway with Workstations that are running Other Operating Systems.

Whonix Gateway should not be changed at all. Your Workstations need to be modified to work with Gateway. Therefore, your Workstations are “custom” Workstations, since they are not your standard, default Workstation.

(I don’t see “custom-whonix” or “custom whonix” anywhere on that page.)

so sorry to make you confused, I was typing “Custom-Workstation”.:slight_smile:

The filename couldn’t be found in Ubuntu (so called “Custom-Worskstation”?) but can be found in Whonix-Gateway.

Another question: where is [quote=“nxknw, post:1, topic:2536”]
click on expand on the right.

You are correct! The documentation page is confusing (the wrong template was used in the “configure networking” section). Correction has been submitted. The file you want to edit is /etc/network/interfaces

See if this page is better for you: Whonix ™ for Ubuntu

The “expand” link is only there if you have javascript enabled. If you don’t see it, then it is already “expanded”.


Wiki template:

List of pages where it is used:
Login required - Whonix

So changing the wiki template may not be trivial since the template still has to make sense for the other pages where it currently is in use. Solutions could be to parameterize the template or to use a different template or no more template.

No no, didn’t change the template. Just replaced it with ‘open with root privileges: /etc/network/interface’. Don’t think it needs its own template since whonix stuff is all in interfaces.d now.

Anonymize Other Operating Systems was not edited. Still using /etc/network/interfaces.d/30_non-qubes-whonix.

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Looks good now, thanks!

For other popular Linux distros other than Ubuntu, where and what is the filename?

I noticed how to show the “expand” link before, but after sometime I forget it, as I was used to browsing with javascript off.

In respective distro’s documentation. Search “popular-linux-distro set static ip”. Examples are provided in Whonix docs for convenience - but network config is up to each distro, not Whonix. You can see from the examples what parameters to set.

I don’t like the format of the “expand” mechanism. Too easy to miss when your eye is following down the left…