I have ram issues

I have ram issues: I have allocated 11G of ram to my whonix workstation, but it use only 1 giga.
My host OS is windows and when I chack the task manager, it is writed that the whonix workstation use 11 giga of ram, but when I do the free --giga command in the workstation, it always use only one giga (10 giga are free).
So my workstation freeze when I just open tor or open a new tab and sometimes it completly freeze.
Best regards

EDIT: After 10 minutes, it shows only 1,4 gigas of RAM used by the workstation in the task manager of my host OS.
Then I have launch tor and it have definitively freeze.

Just confusion about how to interpret the output of these tools?
That is most likely like that for any Debian or even any Linux (inside VirtualBox)?

Try a non-Kicksecure VM

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Please confirm this is or is not an issue outside of Whonix / Kicksecure.

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