I can’t get sys-whonix-14 to bootstrap > 60%

Issue #3 : is on a different laptop I can’t get sys-whonix-14 to bootstrap > 60% ; it is connected to sys-firewall , it’s a bit of an older laptop a thinkpad 500 series FWIW …but 13 has been working fine

Hi vts

1. In sys-whonix konsole, run.


Please post output.

2. If you are not already, please use Arm Tor controller and post any pertinent errors messages

In sys-whonix konsole, run


well using the command line, I seem to somehow repaired it manually setting the clock then restarting swdate for now ; maybe it will persist magically …

one reason I posted the issues together, is I surmised they were related, but here we are

The reason for keeping them separate

  • With 3 different issues in 1 thread it would get very confusing. If the thread grew large it would be impossible to keep track of everything.
  • If other users have the same problem it will be easier for them to find the correct thread. But not if its hidden along with other issues

Highly likely this is unspecific to Whonix i.e.:

  • Only happened to 1 laptop because you got a shitty Tor guard on the device.
  • Shitty guard took forever to bootstrap i.e. establish connection, because of poor throughput
  • You finally in frustration left it long enough to finish bootstrapping (I’m guessing after 15 - 20 mins; correct?)
  • Now that the Tor state has been saved on the laptop, subsequent bootstraps went flawlessly.

not correct I left it till it failed numerous times ; thanks anyway

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