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I had a chat with the Tor developers and they confirm Hidden Service plans are being hashed out, but its going to happen

Hi is there a revamp of Hidden Services in progress or planned? Or are waiting for contributors to step up before this happens? see the proposal in the torspec repo and discussion on the tails-dev list developer time is a major problem but first it's an architecture-design problem, because there is not yet agreement on exactly what and how much to do Ovelope: alright so it is planned but its in the early planning phase yes? velope There is a certain feature like private hidden services planned from what I read in the torspec i guess "not yet agreement on exactly what and how much to do" could be one definition of "early" I'm trying to cite this as an upcoming feature on wiki, but it keeps getting rejected on the grounds that no overhaul is planned wut what wiki, and who rejecting Whonix wiki. The lead dev Patrick is very specific when it comes to citations but reading your weekly newsletter you mention the next-gen HS and are taking concrete steps to realize them well, the newsletter is a secondary source that shouldn't be cited ok this chat log with your input is primary I guess * velope chokes the torspec proposal and tor-dev mail threads are primary and it cannot be disputed that there has been preliminary design and discussion Understood. Thanks. but really, whether it ever gets done depends on funding

This weeks newsletter talks about the Next generation Hidden Services and guard parameters change as a preliminary step in that direction.

If that doesn’t do it for you as a reference then I’ll drop it. :smiley:

but really, whether it ever gets done depends on funding
Exactly my point. There is no funding yet = no work. Could likely be the same situation in five years from now. There is a bunch of tasks they would like to do with no funding for years. So this doesn't get me excited.