How to use the Gateway tools effectively and security?

Hello thank you for having this forum to new users.

I was wondering for the novice user who really is just looking for a safe way to use tor, I noticed that unlike the TBB the tor layout seems to have java script auto enabled and there is more boxes to check than just the S in the upper left hand corner. I noticed a whole set of security settings for example the whonix layout has a whitelist and an appearance tab where I had to further disable scripts. If there are further security settings I should enable for the safest browsing experience possible outside of the obvious not going to FB or personal accounts. I was referring to specific settings.

This brings me to my second question, since I have had whonix set up I have yet to find a use for the whonix gateway and all the functions that it offers. Is there some place where I can find what these things do?? Or are they more for advanced users and it’s best to just leave the gateway tools alone? As far as reload tor tool and theuser and global firewall settings are these default set to be safe for the novice user?? Or are there things I should change? Is there somewhere I can find what these things do and how they work? I am just looking for a safer browsing experience than just using the tor browser bundle alone. I hope my questions make sense.


These kind of Tor Browser settings do not differ in Whonix. Perhaps you are using a different version of Tor Browser which causes the confusion.

There are no easy “toggle this setting and be more secure” settings that are unchecked by default, that you could easily enable to be more secure. All settings have effects. If you want more security, I advice to start with more knowledge. → Whonix ™ Documentation should keep you busy.