How to transfer from a Whonix vdi backup into a Whonix Qubes VM?

On my list of things to do to get my new Qubes setup, er uhm setup is to get all the information I had on my old Whonix setup (using virtual box) and have a vdi backup of. As I understand it Qubes doesn’t play well with virtualization software and I prefer not to goop up my clean installation with a one off install of virtbox just to get my old whonix files (though I guess I could install it on a disposibleVM? assuming virtbox can be installed in qubes).

Ideas or perhaps there is a howto out there (didn’t see one when I looked but won’t dismiss the possiblity of my perhaps having overlooked it?).

Thanks in advance!

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While there are ways of converting .vdi images to xen images (the hypervisor isued in Qubes), as explained here, as far as I can tell they won’t work with Qubes-Whonix, as it is different to VBox-Whonix in a number of ways. Reinstalling everything is your safest bet as far as this goes.

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Thanks for the reply. While there are certainly some things I can redo (some rc files etc, a bit of a PITA though) there are somethings that can’t just be redone, I have my keepass database and some important text files so I’d really like to get them out.

I was looking around some more and came across the File Transfer page (a bit humbling considered I had looked before already) at File Transfer - Whonix and it mentions, if I understand correctly, that one can write files to an iso. If I am understanding that right wouldn’t that be something I could then extract the contents from in a WhonixVM in Qubes?


Yes, but you don’t currently have access to your files because you don’t have a virtualbox installation right?

If you’re just looking to recover data, then it should be fairly straightforward. Check this thread:

(not tested by me) you can use qemu-img to convert your .vdi into a .raw and mount that in a qubesvm to get your data. (Keep in mind that you might need to allocate a lot of private storage to your vm.) Follow-up questions should go to qubes-users mailing list.