How to stop Whonix from ALWAYS freezing?

For some reason Whonix is becoming unusable like it will randomly freeze even when you only have one tab open and the settings set to safest it will randomly freeze and after 20 minutes I’ve decided to just shut down whonix.

Is there any simple and easy to understand advice i can do to fix this?

When I open Whonix I make sure everything else is closed and only open 1-2 tabs at a time. Someone please help me, I really love Whonix and it’s very frustrating to have this happening to me every time I want to open up Whonix.

I had the same problem - increasing the amount of memory allocated to Whonix-Workstation solved it.

Hi J_onhndoe

Do you have enough RAM for both your host and Whoinix VMs? Many processes running on the host while using Whonix could also cause this problem. Try shutting down all unnecessary host apps and see if that helps.

As pano mentioned increasing Whonix-Workstation RAM may also help.

If that does not work try increasing VirtualBox RAM

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