how to restore dolphin thumbnails

I would like to restore file previews in dolphin. Can you help me with this, please?

Hi ktewbqcra1

Dolphin auto file preview is disabled by default due to security concerns. It is strongly recommended that you leave file preview disabled.

If you would still like to enable preview:

  1. In Whonix VM konsole, run


  2. In dolphin desktop

    Settings -> Configure Dolphin -> General -> Previews

  3. Check the box for what you would like to see previewed

    Images (GIF, PNG, BMP, …):
    JPEG Images:
    JPEG: Rotate the image automatically:

Hi 0brand, thanks for your answer, but in whonix 14 those settings have been disabled by default as a part of a security issue by the package ‘security-misc’.
I’m testing Whonix 14 and would like to know if there is a way to reenable thumbnails previews.
I tried editing dolphinrc (/usr/share/security-misc) and also removing the package, but the preview list in Settings -> Configure Dolphin -> General -> Previews is still empty. I installed kde thumbnailers too.
Btw, what would be the security risk of enabling image files previews?

The instructions posted are only for Whonix 13.

You can find the Whonix security-misc package here. Its possible you may be able to enable by changing a variable.


Turn Auto File Previews off by default in Debian / Whonix issue tracker.


Many packages have more than 1 function. Not recommended to randomly remove packages as you may get unwanted results. Maybe unknown results with security/anonymity risks.

Bugs such as this.


Also in Qubes OS, undermines the security benefit by the right click action “Open in DisposableVM”.

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