How to move system settings from Whonix 14 to Whonix 15

I have a customized Whonix 14 with a great system theme in which it is a pleasure to work. I’m trying to set up the same thing in Whonix 15 but I can’t do anything. Perhaps how to transfer the settings?

Whonix 14 KDE? In that case: Unsupported. Whonix moved from KDE (Whonix
14) to XFCE (Whonix 15).


It’s not possible to migrate KDE themes to XFCE.

But I told you, Im using xfce :slight_smile:
Im using standart xfce-dusk theme + axiomd theme (only for windows headers - choose it in Settings\Window Manager\Theme).
I also use this solution to fix white icons.
This combination looks very cool! Let me upload the image because I cant post image or link.

The second day I try to set up the same Whonix 15. Something could, something is not. So I ask, is it possible to transfer the old look to the new Whonix 15?

Unknown. Either way, using XFCE with Whonix should be the same as using XFCE with Debian. The question rather should be agains Debian stretch XFCE vs Debian XFCE. That opens up to a wider circle of knowledgeable users.


If you just need to move your DE settings over, just copy ${HOME}/.config/xfce4/ from Whonix 14 to Whonix 15 and install your themes in Whonix 15.

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