How to make windows and start menu larger?

I am using a 4K monitor. I have done everything listed in Platform-specific Desktop Tips and it looks better, but there are still some features missing. The default window size is tiny and the start menu is tiny. Also programs on the taskbar are tiny too. How do I make these things bigger?

I don’t know if that is possible or how to do that.
XFCE specific.
Unspecific to Whonix.
Therefore recommended to resolve as per Free Support for Whonix ™.
Please report here if you find something relevant.

Do you know when Whonix will be upgrading to XFCE 4.14? Because I know XFCE 4.14 and up fixes this problem and you also won’t need to manually scale things.

When Whonix gets ported to the next stable version of Debian, named Debian bullseye.

Whonix is usually ported to the next stable version of Debian not too long after it has been released.

Background: Whonix is based on Debian stable and Debian stable freezes software versions. Explanation about frozen versions, see: Operating System Software and Updates - Kicksecure

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