How to make non tor connection from specific IP ?

I want to use Whonix as proxy on remote PC, which connected with my PC by non Tor connection.
In other words: user -Non Tor traffic->Whonix remote PC->TOR->destination

I know you can adjust Tor to exit from specific countries, not sure about choosing a specific exit IP though. The other option is to use a VPN after Tor where you decide exactly where it is based.

You don’t want: user -> Tor -> destination

For some IP you want: user -> destination?
In other words, connect to some IP over clearnet (without Tor) from Whonix-Workstation?

In that case:

Title says from, question says for. These could be very different questions, answers. Seems quite confusing. Please edit title/question and/or clarify.


Simplified: You want to connect to a remote PC.

Whonix has nothing to do with it. Connect to the remote PC as if you didn’t know Whonix existed.


How can I connect to a remote PC that runs Firefox?

Similar to:

How can I connect to a remote PC that runs Whonix?

From that perspective, Whonix is just another “application”.

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