how to ensure a safe account

I wonder if changing passwords regularly can really ensure my security of accounts especially my purchase online account. It is well known that a normal password should include at least 6 characters some can be simple numbers but some need to mix upper and lower letters up as well as special character, but I tried to reset my windows password into 40 characters hardly and found that storage is more harder than creation. Listing and cloud are not Secure Password Storage for me, I want a Top Password Manager supports windows, iOS and Android system that can ensure all my passwords in the safest mode.

Studies showed that password changing makes you insecure. You are better off using a password-manager that generates safe and different passwords for every account.

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Personally, I recommend Master Password:

They utilize a mathematical formula to create Passwords for any service you require on the fly based on set modifiers as well as a single (secure) master passphrase and thus can be used accross devices without resorting to a server or any other external implementation.

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sudo apt-get install keepassx

Back when I used tails keepassx was available. I just sticked to that. Both the old keepassx and the new one has a password generation function. One of them I liked extra much since user input is allowed to add to the input manually by pushing buttons randomly and moving the mouse, the new version allows for choosing your password from a different set of generated passwords, if you are not happy with those just select one of the passwords then click again on the passwords and you will see a bunch of new passwords. Repeat the step to find a password you are happy with. My practice is beyond that to also manually move around stuff in the password, so that no kind of predictability mechanism can be used to predict the password.

I must be crazy, I have different passwords for everything and can remember them all. My disk encryption password is 148 characters long using lots of different types of characters. Most of my passwords for online services are above 50 characters. I have hundreds, and they’re all stored in my head. I never use the same password twice.

That’s about as secure as you can get. I attended a course by a famous mental magician who taught us mnemonics, how to practice, and how to use them to remember anything. Eventually it becomes muscle memory.

:slight_smile: Never used a password manager in my life. Saying that, I’ve also never used Windows so I can’t help you there.