How to enforce a new route/exit node for TorBrowser


I want to change the route and the exit node TorBrowser uses when connecting to some website.
I tried restarting the gateway and I also used “nyx” to either get a new identity or reset Tor, but nothing works. The website on refresh always shows the same IP.
No, I do not want to press the “new identity” button in TB and lose everything.

Thank you

How would you do that with Tor Browser or Tor outside of Whonix? -> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

New identity or change circuit gives a clean (not “dirty” as per Tor terminology) circuit. It doesn’t enforce a new Tor exit IP.

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I’d click on the Tor symbol to the very left in the address bar and click on “New Circuit for this Site”. But this does not exist in the Whonix TB.

But, now that I read the link you gave me, I found out, that the “New Circuit” button is also in the hamburger menu. Never realized that.

Thank you

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