How to download TOR On whonix workstation? Error: Hash could not be verified

On whonix workstation i try to download Tor and i get this error message: Hash could not be verified. (tb_sha_exit_code: 1) Tor browser upadate failed.

Could be a transient issue. Please try again.

Or install manually:

Im sorry adrelanos, but i get the same problem again and again.
How should i install it manually if i cant even get to the network! Thank youuuu

Then you need to fix your network issues first, which is a separate discussion (thread).

I am getting the same error “ERROR: Hash could NOT be verified. (tb_sha_exit_code: 1)
Tor Browser update failed! Try again later.”

It doe’s not matter how many times I try and download the tor browser.

Background: I am running windows 7 64 bit as the host os. running whonix

I had no trouble running whonixcheck and updating the packages on both the gateway and workstation so i am assuming I do not have a connection problem. I am also not able to manually update the tor browser as I do not have a browser installed on the whonix os in which to do so, hence the problem.

any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

This is actually a bug, that will be fixed in Whonix 11. In case of network issues, it shows the wrong error message.

The browser iceweasel is installed by default. You can use that one for manually downloading Tor Browser.