How to configure 2 Gateways for 1 Workstation?

Hi guys, i’m using Virtualbox. So How to run two gateways in a single working station?.

My PC → Gateway 1 → Gateway 2 → Virtual Workstation.

Is it possible to do that? If yes, can you tell me how?.

Could someone tell me exactly how to do this? What settings do I need to make? I only have access to the internet on gateway 1 which passes to my workstation, but I can’t get traffic from gateway 1 to pass to gateway 2 and then passes it to the workstation, how do I do that?

Tips on Remaining Anonymous chapter Refrain from “Tor over Tor” Scenarios in Whonix wiki


Is this setting incompatible or just plain dangerous? Would it be possible or is it impossible?

Discouraged as per:

Unsupported means just only that. Unsupported. Doesn’t mean impossible.

The Tor network would likely reject the traffic. I have unintentionally used Tor over Tor outside of Whonix and it results in Nyx spitting out warnings and zero successful connections.