How Can I Configure Onion Services without Authentication?

When I try to generate an onion service address with this command “sudo anon-auth-autogen” it automatically configures it with authentication.

Is there a way to Configure Onion Services without Authentication?

And if I Configure Onion Services with Authentication, how can i remove Authentication?

anon-auth-autogen has extensive output what it does. You need to undo what the script did.

Dear @Patrick
Thank you for your response.

1)Are you means if I ignore step 3 in Onion Services Link and do the other steps it will work with me. and when I run this command “sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname” it will return to me the onion address without the need to do step 3?

2)anon-auth-autogen has extensive output what it does. You need to undo what the script did.
Can you please tell me what exactly command I need to do to undo these changes to remove authentication?

The instructions are clear that step 3 is optional. If you want a public onion service, don’t run that step/skip it.

Optional: authenticated onion services.

Onion services authentication is only possible for private onion services with a limited number of visitors. This is impossible for a public onion service. For a public onion service this step should be skipped. Each visitor needs to be provided with a key file. This chapter describes the server side. The client side is described further below in chapter Onion Service Authentication Client Setup.

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Dear @torjunkie
Thank you very mush for your response.
but can you please if it is possible tell me what i need to do to remove authentication if i run authentication command by mistake?

Not sure sorry. Easiest would be starting again with a blank slate.