host effects on whonix ?

Hello people :slight_smile:
I had problems with my host network lan card, so i fallowed instructions how to install firmware, load kernel modules etc. In my first try i realize that i made a mistake, and by accident installed different firmware and kernel modules and so on. So i repeat procedure and got everything working eventually. Everything seems good, and works fine, host, whonix works good.
But question popped in my head. After all these messed installations, i messed with firmware, kernel-image, kernel-headers, modprobe etc…

Is it possible someway to mess things so bad on host os that i jeopardize my whonix security and workflow ?
Thanks for answer in advance, not sure if i’m ok, or i need to reinstall my host to be ok :smiley: Silly me , i know :slight_smile:

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Not presently, no.

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