Hidden Services Unit Test

To make sure no active onions are removed by mistake, the unit test should try to ping all addresses for three passes separated by 5 minutes. The script should be run 3 times in the space of one week to make sure that it didn’t run into domains during maintenance downtime.

My reason for the first part, even if it sounds redundant, is when contacting Zwitterion the site timed out the first two times and connected successfully. So the site may be working but rendezvous points are acting up.


I don’t feel need to automate this at this point.

Patches welcome.

Could you add keep the dead links somewhere so replacements could be found? Sometimes websites change onion addresses than shutdown totally.

They are in the comments above the pools in the config file.

Automation is up to you. I thought it would make things easier. It can be loosely based on python sdwdate except it prints out GET reposnses