Help With Photoshop?

Hey guys, Can photoshop be used in Whonix? Please dont give me a complicated answer because im not that familiar with whonix.

Or is there an alternative that someone can suggest?

Im not trying to do anything fancy, just edit some Resume templates that I found online.


whonix is modified debian or built from it , so whatever works there it should work as well inside whonix.

as u know accessories left for the user to choose which one he needs to install or not.

so u will have to install what u need inside whonix.

if u need something works as Photoshop inside whonix, then u need to have gimp. and to install it:-

open Konsole -> then type:-

sudo apt-get install gimp

then Enter (type ur password) then press y the Enter = finish.

if u want to open it:-

go to the blue K on the left down side of the screen then type on the search field at the top gimp then open it = have fun.

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Awesome dude thanks! This will work just fine!