Help Whonix Gateway ping, nmap, openvas

I’m new to linux etc…
Just installed Whonix gateway to Kali Linux. Noticed that i cant use ping or nmap or openvas
my question is can i still “perform” MITM attacks?
is there anyway to temporary disable whonix and use my “normal” connection. i mean i dont want configure kali linux each time to use whonix gateway or my “normal” connection

In ping’s case at least it’s using ICMP which Tor does not support.

You can configure the Kali network card to connect to the clearnet via the default NAT connection.

Careful here. Unless you clarify what MITM means in your case I will have to lock this thread. This is not “baby’s first hax0r course”.


yeah let me “Clarify” MITM means Man In The Middle in my case, i’m studying Communications & Networks(i have my own "lab"which is not illegal ). Today after Whonix installation(i love my privacy that’s why installed whonix) i wasn’t able to “perform” anything used my own tool and kali built-in tool ettercap.I just wanna if the whonix is the problem or i broke something.i’m not that new :confused:

Glad you cleared that up.

Where is the network you are pentesting? Is it a LAN? Then of course you won’t be able to access it from over Tor which sends stuff out on the internet.

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nope its my wifi, i tried to sniff stuff from my laptop but nothing happened :confused:

That’s because you need access to the physical adapter you want to sniff traffic on. So your choices are:

*Burn a Kali liveCD and boot it up and sniff from baremetal.
*Buy and passthrough a USB WiFi adapter and use Kali from a VM.
*Passthrough your current Wifi NIC with IOMMU if your hardware supports it, but note that your host will no longer be able to see it in that case until your are done with it and pass it back.

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i have usb adapter, i was able to to sniff packets before whonix installation, That’s my problem :confused:

Able to sniff packets from the Kali VM? So you’re already passing it through?

Then when listening on the USB, disable the adapter that connects to Whonix Gateway. Maybe your VM is confused about which network to use when you have multiple interfaces attached.

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To scan within Whonix use Tor before VPN or use SSH to connect to a VPS and do it from there.

anyway, thanks for the help.

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