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Automated xml modifications aren’t necessary.

https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix/blob/master/build-steps.d/1150_export-libvirt-xml takes files from Whonix source libvirt folder, which do not have version numbers, adds version numbers to their file names and copies them to whonix_binary folder.

https://github.com/Whonix/whonix-developer-meta-files/blob/master/release/compress_libvirt takes these versioned files and creates a versioned ~/Whonix-Gateway-X.X.libvirt.xz.

From user’s perspective…

Whonix ™ for KVM has been updated to make it as user friendly as possible. (Some still minor shared folder related TODO, merging those two chapters.)

Users are advised to download Whonix to their home folder. They don’t have to type version numbers for extraction or libvirt import, because we’re using “-*”. When users are copying and pasting the command for copying the images, the version number is removed.

I guess this is as easy as we can get it for now and I am excited to have KVM Support in Whonix 9. Most likely I soon will provide some very early downloadable pre-alpha test images for Whonix 9.

These are very good and logical changes.

Just tell me when and I’ll write an announcement blog post for KVM official support. Whether that is when alpha is out or stable, is up to you.

Its an honor and pleasure to work with you and to be able to contribute something to this great project.

I guess we should wait for Whonix 9, because then whonixcheck will be updated as well.

These are very good and logical changes.
Glad you like it! :)
Just tell me when and I'll write an announcement blog post for KVM official support.
Please write a draft without publishing.
Whether that is when alpha is out or stable, is up to you.
Let's call it testers-only for start. (Terms alpha, beta are burned.)
Its an honor and pleasure to work with you and to be able to contribute something to this great project.
And I am honored as well, to be part of the Libre Software community in a collaborative effort.

Official Whonix KVM Release is Now Available

For the past few months there has been work on testing and configuring Whonix for the KVM hypervisor that is a part of GNU/Linux. I pleased to announce that finally there is an optimum version released for testers and early adopters. We are in good shape for Whonix 9 stable but any feedback is encouraged and welcome.

There are many compelling reasons to use KVM over VirtualBox which include a much higher level of security, improved performance and richer functionality, all of which is released as Free Software without closed up proprietary addons. For more details take a look here.

This port should better suit those users who have high security requirements for running Hidden Services.

Please check:

What does

<network connections='2'>

in https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix/blob/master/libvirt/Whonix_network.xml mean?

Can’t make head or tail of libvirt: Network XML format.

Does it limit how many Whonix-Workstation one can use with a single Whonix-Gateway?

Have you tested kvm with Whonix-Gateway and multiple, let’s say 3 Whonix-Workstation’s at the same time?

Does Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™ need updating?

Yes the connections attribute needs to be removed.

Its a result of dumping the xml of a running network and so it describes how many connections there are attached. It needs to be removed because its not needed and it might impose a limit.

From the page you shared:

The root element required for all virtual networks is named network and has no configurable attributes (although since 0.10.0 there is one optional read-only attribute - when examining the live configuration of a network, the attribute connections, if present, specifies the number of guest interfaces currently connected via this network). The network XML format is available since 0.3.0

Patrick I had a closer look at the rest of the info included in the README after your edit and I think its just better just move the remaining parts in there at this point.

That way the information is all in one place for the future and more easily exposed as no one will give that file e include much attention.

Not sure I am following. You mean move remaining parts from readme (if any? i don’t think so?) to the wiki? If so… Yes, please go ahead.

New answer. “Comments in libvir xml files now possible.”

Can you ask what libvirt version supports this?


Can you ask what libvirt version supports this?

I guess any. Because after thinking about it, what was described is our
actual issue. Comments are gone after import. Back to root one.

What about this page? https://www.whonix.org/wiki/KVM/Installation_Videos



no , im preparing things for videos installations im in the last phase of learning it. but if u want to delete the page then re-open it again , no problem.

No problem. Can leave as is. Keep your time.


KVM: Difference between revisions - Whonix


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KVM: Difference between revisions - Whonix

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