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HulaHoop via Whonix Forum:

Also related: interacting with virt-manager without having to input the root password every time you will have to add the user to the libvirt and kvm groups

It was indeed related to forgotten application of addgroups and reboot

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Could you review https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=KVM&oldid=59133&diff=cur please?

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Not sure what we wanted to use comments earlier?

New answer. “Comments in libvir xml files now possible.”

Could you try please if now comments can be persisted?

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Doesn’t work for me unfortunately. Either not supported in this version of libvirt or it’s non-functional. The metadata tag has been in use fr a long time according tot the libvirt manual, but it is for defining custom app XML schema:

The metadata node can be used by applications to store custom metadata in the form of XML nodes/trees. Applications must use custom namespaces on their XML nodes/trees, with only one top-level element per namespace (if the application needs structure, they should have sub-elements to their namespace element). Since 0.9.10.

Unrelated but interesting - when searching he manual I found there is a new feature for disk BackingStores added which seems to me similar to the concept of Qubes Templates. Theoretically one could have one main disk image that shares common elements of both GW and WS while a second one contains only the diff, saving on image sizedramatically, but probably too complex to implement.

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Due to

which probably won’t get any helpful directions on reddit.

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Thanks for that. Hard to be everywhere at once to take on more complicated support issues.

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Issue creating shared directory between host and guest reminds me… chmod 777 /home/user/shared isn’t a great. Security issue and usability issue.

As per https://chmod-calculator.com/ 777 allow public (i.e. any linux user account including those not having business there on the system) to read, write, execute files from that folder.

Is there some more canonical way to set up shared folders with KVM?

[1] Under which user is KVM attempting to write to shared folders?

[1] Under which group is KVM attempting to write to shared folders?

Perhaps better to create a folder elsewhere owned by that user [1] and group [2]?

I guess libvirt:kvm?

Then user user on the host should be able to read/write files there since Whonix KVM instructions currently include

  • sudo addgroup "$(whoami)" libvirt
  • sudo addgroup "$(whoami)" kvm


Then permissions to that folder could be hardened.

chmod --recursive **o**-rwx

users who are neither the file’s owner nor members of the file’s group

- remove

rwx - read, write, execute

I.e. remove read, write, execute for others, i.e. no other user account than owner (u) and group (g) can read, write, execute there.

Then perhaps “the ultimate set” of commands could be provided that 100% made sure that all permissions are fine no matter how much the user messed that up.

sudo mkdir -p /shared
sudo chown --recursive libvirt:kvm /shared
sudo chmod --recursive o-rwx /shared
sudo chmod --recursive ug+rw /shared

/shared (violating FHS, maybe the not shown in some file managers) or /mnt/shared?

  • /shared is easier to create and fully control permission wise.
  • /mnt more standard conform but then user might mess up permissions of /mnt folder.

Probably also fixable.

sudo mkdir -p /mnt
sudo chown root:root /mnt
sudo chmod o+r /mnt
sudo chmod o+x /mnt

Untested. Please see if that can be made to work:


I was desperately getting them to work when I tried the currently documented steps. I never had any motive to improve them. Yes the current permissions are non-ideal, but I don’t know if they could harm security in practice.

I hesitate to experiment with my setup because I use it heavily every day and it would be a major PITA if it breaks down. If any user wants to try them out and report it works I would be willing to consider.

Yeah that was my main reason why I kept it in the user home folder. Didn’t want to risk messing something up on a system wide level.

Does Restrict Hardware Information to Root - Testers Wanted! work in Whonix KVM now in Whonix

Are we rolling out new point releases? If so then ill fire up a build VM.

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Since no issues reported so far and unlikely any blockers will be identified in the next few days it looks like will likely become the next point release indeed.

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Indeed that happened.

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