Help me - whonix configuration


I want to configure my installed version of kali linux with whonix gateway, i have searched many fourms and youtube videos but all they show is configure kali linux virtual machine and whonix virtual machine

While i have already installed kali linux in my pc.


Hi India

If I’m understanding you correctly you would like to install Whonix-Gateway on your host to use as a Tor gateway without the use of a virtual machine? If this is the case that configuration would not provide much if any benefit over using Tor Browser Bundle by itself. The use of virtual machines on a single host is the means by which the Whonix security model “security by isolation” is achieved.

The use of Whonix with out virtual machines on a single host is:

There is an older OneVM Whonix concept that is deprecated. Developer skill would be needed to be able to safely use/configure that.

Other options:

A brief overview of the different Whonix variants

Decide what virtualizer you would like to use and download the Whonix images.

Note: Virtualizer and Whonix images can be downloaded and installed on your Kali Linux host. There is no need to remove Kali Linux

Its recommended that users read the Whonix wiki to get a better understanding of security, privacy, anonymity etc.


Thanks for your help

I need this type of environment

My host system( kali linux)+vmware(whonix)

So i only want to use only one virtual machine only for whonix insted of using three different os’s


Hi India

VMware is closed source and unsupported so using it is not recommend. There is a wiki page but keep in mind it is experamental.

The OneVM link I provided above is the only variant that I know of that uses 1 Whonix VM along with the host OS. Unfortunately Whonix has minimal resources so this is something you may have to do on your own. There is plenty of info on various topics in forums threads so you may want to look there. I’m not sure how much help it will be when combining VMware and OneVM though.


Hi India. We don’t support VMWare however I am sure the Kali guys would be willing to help because this has been asked and done before.