[Help] I2P setup for Whonix-gw template

Hello, I am trying to create a working I2p Whonix gateway without tunneling I2p through TOR and with non-eepsite related traffic natively going through TOR. Honestly the extra TOR traffic scrub for this gateway isn’t a big deal as I use another VM fro such traffic.

I have been using what I have found out to be an old guide for such a think.
OLD guide

I was actually a little over 50% through the guide when I found his thread saying that it will not work with the newest Qubes R3.2.
Kill Your TV Guide
This one is a year old as well. This one here is 11 months old and uses the above guide in its guide.

I am starting to get confused and didn’t really think it was going to be this complicated but I guess with Qubes, everything is complicated.

So I am thinking of scrapping the gateway template I have been configuring and start fresh but I am wondering if anyone knows of a better Whonix Gateway I2P guide or one that is up to date at least?

Let me know if I am over complicating it. Any help is appreciated, thank you for your time.

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Hi Pen16,
I decided against the guide , because it was getting pretty complicated and required many Steps the User had to do. So i created a few scripts to do the Job , you can find them also in my repo (https://github.com/cle4r/var/) there is still a lot to do and i haven’t had the Time to fix and update it.
But it should get you a bit closer to a working setup if you take a look at the Scripts and the old Guide.(It should now work on Qubes 3.2 )

Maybe you can help me test and fix the Problems that are still there

I hope i helped you a bit :wink:

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Yeah, I will have to wait a couple days until I can sit down and test it out on a fresh Whonix Gateway template and I will let you know of the output code and any hiccups along the way. When I get the time however, I would love to help test it out.

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Great, it would help me a lot, i haven’t had the time to test it in a while ,however i’ve got some time this week to revisit and test everything. It’s good to know that there is still a demand for I2p-Whonix and, a good motivational boost to continue this work;)
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I would like to document my progress very well but I am new to github. Is there any way of sort of creating a journal of sorts of my step by step process to submit to the team? Should I do it here or on Github. I plan to sit down tomorrow and work through it.

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I think it’s fine if you do it here, there is no need to hassle with Github, I’m going to create a new Repo once it’s working and tested.
If you have any questions left, feel free to ask.

Thanks again for your Help

Well i tested it today and pretty much everything is broken, i will have to fix a couple if things before its ready for testing.
So you have to wait with testing until i fix this Mess that i have left :unamused:

I’ve got it working again,now i only need to update the Readme and fix some minor bugs :slight_smile: