Help Creating Static IP using Tor browser through Whonix

Hello. I am new to Whonix and the whole anonymity thing.

I am using the Whonix virtual-box to run a Tor browser. Is there a way I can set a static IP of my choosing so that when I navigate to a particular site it thinks I am coming form that same IP every time?

Thanks in advance for any help!

You can do it by “connecting to Tor before VPN/Proxy”. Not an easy setup but doable.

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where can I find that option at?

Hi JDawg

You can configure Tor to use a specific Exit Node but I would advise against this since it can severely degrade anonymity.

Tor documentation on this can be found here

Scroll down to documentation until you see this

ExitNodes node,node,…

If you were to configure your torrc it would look something like this:

ExitNode <your_exit_node_fingerpint>

Read this first to understand risks etc…

Then to configure User-> Tor-> VPN-> Internet

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