Had it all set up....then BIG GOOF!

Okay, I managed to get the default PGP client working and everything was all set up, However, I feel I have made a tragic mistake. Being new to whonix I followed the pw change for the gateway to a new pw (which I thought I remembered) then I noticed on the second run it auto logged me in I was unaware that it always auto logs you in so I was thinking that the gateway pw change didn’t take so I changed it again and it allowed me to change it again. Now when I try to adjust the firewall settings it actually asks me for the gateway pw and I have been trying to type in all possible combinations of the passwords I have chosen yet none of them seem to take. Is there any kind of work around for this?? I mean I guess I could just use it as is and not have pw permissions but is there any kind of solution for this?? God I feel so foolish.

Start fresh. Delete/re-get the image.

As per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System these passwords can be reset by booting from a (virtual) boot cd and then accessing the system disk.