Guy wants $150 to set up my Whonix "build"

So I just installed Whonix a few days ago and been poking around here and there learning how to use it.

So to make a long story short I was in a PC repair shop and was talking about Whonix, and the guy behind the counter told me that if I don’t do a good “build” to my Gateway, then I won’t be protected. He pretty much said that Whonix is a fortress “kit” and you have to build it yourself.

I read the FAQ and didn’t see this in there. Is he just trying to take my $150 or am I really not protected by the default installation?

Hi @frostwolfclan,
he is just trying to take your 150$ with his BS, you can build it yourself for free or use the official Builds by Whonix, no need to pay some wannabee…
It’s not safer if you have a third party build it for you, either you do it or you trust the finished Builds by Whonix.

It would be wiser to Donate that money (or a part of it) to Whonix to ensure a further Development by Patrick, than to give it to some Idiot.

my 2 satoshis

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I’m a little lost when you say:
" either you do it or you trust the finished Builds by Whonix"

So am I not safe using the default installations? And where can I read guides on these “builds”?

Good day,

First of all, what @goldstein says is very much correct, Especially considering most nerds and/or geeks will usually compile you something for free if you ask nice. Compiling is usually a pretty straight Forward process that simply takes some time.

Here is a guide on how to do it yourself: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/BuildDocumentation

Furthermore, regarding the trust question, please regard this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Trust

Whonix “Fails safe” meaning, in Default (and most possible configuration) there is no way for IP leaks to occur by design.

Regarding the trust page, furthermore, Whonix isn’t really a “fortress “kit”” you’d have to build yourself. It’s more a question of to what degree you trust the premade builds by the People behind Whonix. Verifying them obviously is a must in any case, by the way.

Also, if you would like (though you obviously don’t have to and please don’t feel preasured into doing it) you may want to consider sending the Name of the repair shop via my email address "ego-superego-id@protonmail.com". My GPG key may be found under my Profile.

The reason why I ask is that for one, it really isn’t very Kind to attempt to gain 150$ by making false Statements about an open source product. Secondly, letting a third Party (like him) handle the build process for you is, without proper verification and checks, in most cases to be considered less secure then taking the premade build from whonix.org.

Obviously, you shouldn’t and don’t have to write me the Name of the shop if you believe that it may in any way lead to you being more tracable, which due to the local nature of such Shops is very much a possibility.

Have a nice day,


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