Guru Meditation on first whonix-gateway 9 boot

I get Guru Meditation error when whonix-gateway is running “first time boot” script. What problem can be ?

Maybe i should try to use whonix 9.1 version ? It’s safe to use 9.1 or it’s only for testers ?

9.1 is stable and recommended because it has many important critical security fixes. These security problems would have an impact even in our design model.

At time of writing 9.1 it’s still marked as testers-only in the blog. Telling otherwise in the forums adds confusion.

Probably an error by VirtualBox / your host operating system / hardware. It sounds to me, that Whonix invokes the error, but the issue of the error lies outside of Whonix. (Because VM images are not supposed to disrupt functionality of the host’s virtualizer software.) It would likely also happen if you were to run Debian (or other Linux) in a VM and doing something similar (maybe caused by high disk load and hard drive failures).

Anyhow. Without posting error messages, one can only speculate. Please post the error messages.