giving the documentation page an image for preview

we want to give each documentation page an image so it can give a good preview witha social media. to read the full discussion please click here

Note:- some of them already contain images inside the topics , but some are not. so we want to focus on the documentation page with non image inside it. e.g:- The Importance of Anonymity

@Ego @Patrick may help me with. (specially regarding image license …)

it is very complicated actually to find the license of the images , when i search for example inside google images. the websites doesnt say anything about their images license.

do u know any website that is similar to the logos website which give us the opportunity of knowing the license of each image ?

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a good place to look for would be: as all pictures on here are CC0 (public domain), which means they can be used without any problems.

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great , thnx :rose:. i will start choosing the photos from tomorrow then.

is it good to add the photos to the wiki before we find away of re-arrange it ? or no problems ?

Re-arrange what? The documentation and the wiki main page re-arrange
won’t have any effect on the preview images. All the wiki articles are
unaffected by it. So not a blocker.

Awesome to have a website offering free cc0 images!

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Awesome images so far! They’re all from

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yeah all of them from the website. but to be honest it need really good free time to do it to that point , so hope these images will not going to be deleted for any kind of cause.

also sometimes there r pages without head or kinda confusing where to put the right place of the os:image= , so if im mistaking in things u can just put the right thing at the right place. :+1:

forgot to mention that some pages i really got stunned to which image i should put or the title that i should search for. so i think i will leave them to the end or copy/paste them here or i dunno.

but so far the website is helping and the documentation page r mostly covered by it.

Everything alright so far besides a few minor og:description that I fixed. There is only one issue that could not be foreseen unfortunately:
⚓ T453 each documentation page requires an image for previews

Yes. It’s good, hard, time consuming work. Keep your time. Thanks a lot for working on this!

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