Getting the window "start whonix" "advanced" and then?


I am new on using whonix and installed it on my PC / win10 / 64.
I ll get the form with these two buttons (see topic) and when clicking on it nothing happens.
What did I wrong ?

renegades Dany


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Did you verify the Images?

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yes I did.


I am having the same issue on Windows 10 Pro 10.0.15063

Downloaded https://download.whonix.org/windows/Whonix-Installer.exe. Verified then started the installer. No installation errors or warnings were displayed during install. Installation resulted in two Windows Desktop shortcuts - “Oracle VM VirtualBox” and “Whonix for Windows”. Virtualbox appears to be installed in Program Files(x86)\Whonix\Whonix for Windows.

Double clicking on the Whonix for Windows shortcut launches a simple Whonix control window with two clickable areas. On top, “Start Whonix”, and below “Advanced”. Clicking Start Whonix displays a brief spinning progress wheel and the text changes to “Stop Whonix”. From there nothing else happens. Clicking on the “Advanced” area produces the same brief spinning progress wheel and no other visible activity. Task Manager shows Whonix-UI as a running task. There is no task listed for VirtualBox.

Double Clicking on Oracle VM VirtualBox doesn’t appear to do anything. Starting it from the Start Menu does nothing.

I hope someone can please advise. Given this appears to be the identical issue to the OP maybe there’s some incompatibility between the installation and this Windows build.

SOLUTION: Downloaded and installed Virtualbox from virtualbox.org. Once installed, double-clicking the Whonix for Windows shortcut on the desktop and clicking “Start Whonix” properly started everything. There must be a bug in the way the Whonix for Windows installer installs Virtualbox. Whonix team: Please let us know if what I did is okay and how to get the installer to install properly. Thx.


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Sorry, that it took a while to get back at you.

Could both of you perhaps check whether you actually have enough disk space as per the requirements. Equally, what output the console during installation gives?

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I installed on a new i5-7300 kaby lake Lenovo X1 Yoga gen 2 laptop with 1TB SSD with approximately 900GB free space. No longer have the logs but did not recall seeing any warnings or red flags on the console during install. Everything appears to be working well after the separate Virtualbox install.


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That is very odd. The way the installer has been designed, what you describe should not have worked, because of the way it handles the images.

To put it very simply after the images got extracted, etc. VBoxManage, a part of VirtualBox is used to properly import them. Now, if VirtualBox did not install properly (and thus was unable to launch as you described) the images could not have been imported. Since you described however that after installing Vbox a second time, everything started right up (implying that the images were in fact imported), there must be something at play here I do not understand fully.

Will look into this.

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Same problem here “Start Whonix” will not do anything. Just Bring up “Stop Whonix”. “Advanced” will start Virtual Box without having an VM image or so to use. This problem exist since one year and nobody cares … This is the last time I will try to use this crappy software. They even are not able to build a working gui with 2 buttons … Who coded this Stevie Wonder ?


Equally, what output the console during installation gives?

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