Future Goals for Whonix's Website

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Update: this was written in February 2014, is now somewhat outdated and and will be updated in near future. Blog post mirrored to discourse in July 2016.

In an ideal world, everything would be connected. Same login would work on the whole website, wiki, forum and blog. Blog posts would also be forum posts. Comments posted in the blog result in comments in the forum and vice versa. Wiki pages have a comment section, that is also redirected to the forum. Rather, github issues become mailing list posts and forum posts. Mailing lists would just be an alternative interface for forum and blog comments. You name it.

That is too high a goal. Not possible yet without being a web development project.

To get at least a bit closer to that goal, I’ve added a new sidebar widget to the blog: “RSS Latest Whonix Forum Topics”. I hope this will boost forum posts, but if you think it does more harm than gain, we can remove it.

We are supporting OpenID login on Whonix’s wiki, forum and blog for a while now already, so you can use the same account for all parts of whonix.org. Unfortunately, this requires a third party, the OpenID provider. As alternative it’s also possible to register native wiki/forum/blog accounts, but then you need three logins instead of one.

I’ve also found a new WPSMF - Wordpress to SMF plugin. New blog posts will be mirrored to Whonix Forum General Discussions. Forum replies probably won’t become blog comments. One way only. Nevermind. Let’s see how it works. If it works, it would be better anyway. I can imagine that many people active in forums don’t check the blog at all or as often as the forum. Reduces need to tell the same story in the blog and in the forum.

My plan is to add a “latest blog posts” and “latest forum posts” to whonix.org’s (wiki) home/main page. To make it look more up to date, dynamic, more useful. To archive that, an rss reader has been installed in the wiki by me. Test page: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/T

Displaying latest blog posts seems to work fine. Displaying latest forum topics not, only latest forum posts. The “CDATA” seems like a bug, no idea about that. Very strange.

I would like to organize whonix.org’s (wiki) home/main page in multiple rows, two or three or so. Have the content and blog/forum rss. Before that can happen, a replacement for the default wiki design with left sidebar has to be found because that wastes space.

The mediawiki skin strapping looks nice. Example page: http://www.ovirt.org/

Good candidate to replace our current wiki skin. Unfortunately, there is an issue preventing us from using it.


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