FREEZE Workstation, can't move mouse and type

Hello, I have big difficulties with whonix-kvm setup.
Every time I am working at my host and after some time switch
to whonix, its frozen. Host is stable debian with LXDE without clipboard (because it was stopping working bidirectional copypaste, problematic was direction from host to guest), I have upgraded both
gateway+workstation. Its really pain to restarting every 10 minutes my
whonix season. I also had set up serial access through console, apparently
there is no problem in terminal access and whole workstation works,
just virt-manager is freezing, can’t type or move mouse.
Any solution? Its really mandatory issue, its not possible
working like that.

Please try the fix documented here: QXL Slowness Fix - #8

Whonix 13 will include it by default.

Thanks but this I had already done.
Don’t have problem with slowness, just
after been inactive a while at whonix,
virt-manager will become frozen and
I need restart, and its GUI, virt-manager,
or keyboard controls related problem, because
I can log in through serial shell access
and everything is working flawlessly,
no error logs, just my window is non

Another suggestion is to install updated KVM packages from backports following these instructions: